Frankenstein Island (1981) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Frankenstein Island (1981) Directed by Jerry Warren. With John Carradine, Robert Clarke and Steve Brodie.


Some films ought to come with a quality control warning. We frequently hear – ‘contains strong language, contains flashing images, contains extreme violence’ – but how often do we hear, ‘contains general crapness’. Not enough. Well, be warned, Frankenstein Island is bursting with it.

Brought into the world in 1981, a full year after Empire Strikes Back, writer/director Jerry Warren’s film is so amateurish, in nearly every way, that it’s a stretch to be able to call it a film. Between the horrendously bad jump-cuts, to a range of under and over acting, it has the look and feel of a badly staged school play.

How or why John Carradine became attached to the project seems a mystery, although thankfully for him, he never appears directly on screen with any of the other actors. Unfortunately for him, his good name is used to sell the ‘film’.

Nothing can prepare you for the awfulness on show, here. The colour tone often changes from a sunburnt red, to a drained greeny-gray, while stock looking shots are repeated and reused to mind numbing effect. Complete and utter garbage of the most unwatchable variety. 1/5

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