Starcrash (1978) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Starcrash (1978) Directed by Lewis Coates. With Marjoe Gortner, Caroline Munroe, Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff.


In a sense, Starcrash represents everything that is enjoyable about watching bad films. A truly stinking film is the sort that causes a joy sapping, gnawing headache. One that torments you even hours after the final credits have rolled. Starcrash is that other bad film. A camp and colorful, full-blooded cheese-fest, that honors all the trashy b-movie traditions, with terrible acting and hokey characters uttering badly dubbed dialogue.

Although it plagiarises Star Wars at nearly every turn, Starcrash shares equal common ground with Flash Gordon. Talking plot or set-up would be almost pointless, as the events of the film play second fiddle to simply experiencing the out-and-out daftness on offer.

While the naffness is unrelenting, throughout, Starcrash has a few famous names in its ranks. Perhaps the most surprising appearance is by veteran actor Christopher Plummer, who jarringly raises the overall quality of performance every time he opens his mouth. Famed composer, John Barry serves up a generic sounding score, while David Hasselhoff can be seen enjoying a lightsaber duel with some kind of stop-motion, wind-up toy.

It’s not hard to imagine Starcrash gaining cult status. From a sexed-up Caroline Munroe as Stella Star, cavorting around the galaxy in kinky PVC boots and panties, to cheesy special effects and gloriously terrible sets, its hard not to feel a certain amount of affection. Of course, giving it a 1/5 rating wouldn’t be far wrong, but then again, you might also make an allowance for the aged charm and over-the-top fun on offer too. 2.5/5


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