Creature (1985) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Creature (1985) Directed by William Malone. With Stan Iver, Wendy Schaal, Klaus Kinski and Lyman Ward.


Roger Corman might be many things, but no-one can blame him for this cheap and nasty ‘Alien’ clone, which in truth, has the very same stink as one of his own bargain basement productions.

There really isn’t much to say here, there’s an attempt to capture the tone of Ridley Scott’s seminal classic, but it’s a dull and often ridiculous experience that can’t even be labelled a guilty pleasure.

The sight of retro computer displays and the feeling of viewing something few other people in your life will have seen, could add a certain cosiness, but those feelings are quickly dispelled as German actor Klaus Kinski is introduced in a scene during which he proceeds to gleefully molest a woman. This behaviour continues for a while, leaving a bad taste.

It’s true that with any significant success, like 1979’s Alien, there will invariably be a swarm of inferior copies. Sometimes, they have fun elements and can serve as a knowing reminder of something we all love. Then there’s rubbish like this. 1/5


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