Fools Gold (2008) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Fools Gold is a treasure hunting adventure rom-com star vehicle that aims to provide its audience with a charming slice of Tinseltown powered escapism. The best I can say is that it infrequently half succeeds.

Matthew McConaughey is of course an excellent leading man. His physical commitment and overall presence elevate the film above its station but alas, even his Energizer Bunny battery power can only paddle it semi-afloat for so long.

Many of the supporting cast try on patchy accents; Donald Sutherland’s well spoken Brit, Ewan Bremner’s comedy sidekick Ukranian and Ray Winstone’s…er…anywhere from East London to Brisbane.

Kate Hudson doesn’t quite posses her mother’s deft kooky charm but is sturdy enough to swim with the tide while Kevin Hart’s comedy villain is stupid and badly underdeveloped.

It’s caperish and light-footed enough to be amiable company with its holiday brochure playground of sunkist seascapes, super yachts and paradise islands (not hard to see why the cast signed on) but it’s overly long and not nearly funny or romantic enough on the side.



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