Long Shot (2019) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Directed By Jonathan Levine. With Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen.

I like the gorgeous, intelligent sexy, funny, fit, stylish, powerful woman going for the overweight bearded stoner. Who doesn’t? Not having to try at life and having it all land in your lap is exactly what many of us want…even though most of us dare not admit it.

Seth Rogen seems to be on a one man mission to demonstrate how spliff-head slobs can charm incredible women into bed and beyond by being hilarious and immature. He applied the same trick to Kathryn Heigel in ‘Knocked Up’. He’s an inverted Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’. Coming from nowhere to score big romantically…but unlike Roberts he’s not smoking hot…he’s just smoking pot.

Like Pretty Woman, director Jonathan Levine’s film is a lottery winner’s fairytale fantasy. But it’s a stupid comedy too. The title ‘Long Shot’ implies to attempt a lucky punt. It’s an obvious title that doesn’t scream “WATCH ME!” but its like has furnished Rogen’s anti-leading man career persona since it was farted into existence.

The reality of a tub of lard like Fred Flarsky tweaking the romantic curiosity of Charlotte Field is about as likely as President Donald Trump admitting he was wrong about a subject, but we don’t watch this shit for a reality check. It’s comedic (isn’t it!?) to see schlubby Seth giving the impossibly attractive woman from the J’adore advert a jolly good seeing to…even though the movie doesn’t have the balls to give us this in all its borderline unfathomable glory (undrated edition anyone??)

I’ll admit to the occasional smile during Long Shot, though at over 2-hours (WAY too long for a stupid comedy) I did wonder if some of my time might have been better spent having a long shit.


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