Coherence (2013) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Coherence (2013) Directed by James Ward Byrkit. With Emily Baldoni, Nicholas Brendon and Maury Sterling.


From first time writer-director James Ward Byrki, Coherence is an 89-minute trip to the Twilight Zone in which a group of people at a party are plunged into an intense situation. Due to the through-line of the plot, it’s an awkward film to review, moreover, the fun and suspense comes by way of discovering the details for yourself. Indeed, from the point you learn what’s going on, Ward Byrkit proves himself beyond the strength of his idea by skilfully honing a thick air of suspense and mystery.

The cast are a group of relative unknowns (Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Nicholas Brendon being perhaps the most recognisable face), with varying amounts of screen-time. The focal character is Emily (Emily Baldoni) – with each character playing varying amounts of importance in the unravelling events. With the help of a subtle soundtrack score by Kristin Øhrn Dyrud, the tension slowly builds as the world seems to become a much smaller place.

As the plot takes place within the confines of a living room-kitchen setting, the interactions between the characters take on a Big Brother feel as divisions and double-crossings begin to split the initial sense of harmony.

There is only so very little that can be said in review, but huge praise must go to Ward Byrkit who flies out of the traps with a confident debut that refuses to rest on its laurels, on the way to being an engagingly smart and creepy piece of science-fiction. 4/5

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3 Responses to Coherence (2013) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

  1. Shane Ongley says:

    Great review, I thought this movie was awesome, had some serious debates with people afterwards trying to figure it all out.

    • garethrhodes says:

      Thank you very much Shane, it’s a delight to stumble across a film that gets the old mind-cogs turning. I was genuinely creeped out by it, which I didn’t expect. A blessing of the digital age of film-making is that low budget, ideas based films like these can get made and be widely seen over the streaming platforms. Great to hear from you! 👊🏻😎

  2. Jay says:

    You’re cultivating some real mystery here. Haven’t heard of it but sounds interesting.

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