The Killing Zone (1991) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

The Killing Zone (1991) Directed by Addison Randall. With Deron McBee, Armando Silvestre and James Dalesandro.


It’s a Z-list action film. Forgive me for cutting to the chase, but that’s all you really need to know about writer-director Addison Randall’s ‘The Killing Zone’. The plot and other contrivances are barely worth a mention. Randall is no more talented than a frustrated soft-core porn director working in the action genre. His film has helicopters, car chases, shoot-outs, electric guitar licks, explosions, boobs and a muscle-bound beefcake action star in former American Gladiator, Deron McBee.

The action happens because there’s a bad guy, himself out for revenge. His vengeance crosses paths with the hulking McBee, who with the help of a bent cop engages in vigilante justice.

Like his 1989 film ‘Shotgun‘, The Killing Zone is complete rubbish. But unlike Shotgun, it isn’t the kind of rubbish you might remember. It’s just bland, stupid and ineffective in every way. The soundtrack sounds like it was recorded live on a £10 toy keyboard, while the action it accompanies is shot with zero imagination or wit. The acting ranges from terrible to worse although star, Deron McBee, at least looks the part riding his Harley Davidson, complete with a huge mane of blonde hair, strategically ripped jeans, a tight vest and cowboy boots.

If you stay the course and get to the end, you’ve done well. You won’t have learned anything new and you might have felt yourself regressing slightly, but no-one can question your powers of endurance. Perhaps the most telling moment of the entire mess is when an attractive female character is molested as she’s being held hostage. She’s wearing a thin white t-shirt. A man pours water over her and the camera zooms in to focus on her breasts, disregarding her distress to revel in the sight of her chest. It is in grotty moments like this, that we see Addison Randall for what he really is. A cheap and nasty director appealing to the lowest common denominator of taste. Boring and horrible.  1/5


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