Scissors (1991) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Scissors (1991) Directed by Frank De Felitta. With Sharon Stone, Steve Railsback and Ronny Cox.


“Help! My career is dying in here!”


It’s often hard to tell what’s going on during writer/director Frank De Felitta’s psychological drama, Scissors. The film stars a pre Basic Instinct Sharon Stone, playing a woman on the brink of her sanity, a feeling you might encounter during any one of the 105 minutes it takes to navigate this utter rubbish.

In fairness, it’d be unfair to apportion too much blame to Stone for such a terrible film. Certainly, she’s not great in it, but she isn’t helped by some woeful direction, leaving her hopelessly exposed during long, drawn out scenes with nothing much happening. For about 20 minutes of the film, her only acting companion is a talking Raven that keeps repeating the line – “you killed him” over and over again. There is a genuine sense that Sharon Stone herself is being driven mad by the sheer inanity of a script that goes nowhere.

As Stone’s character fights to stave off the craziness, she’s confronted by not one, but two incarnations of actor Steve Railsback. On this form, one would be sufficient enough to drive the most even-minded person over the edge. Railsback plays a pair of twin brothers, whose involvement in the plot is as uninteresting as it is baffling.

This is a film that makes barely any sense at all. The last 40mins are about Sharon Stone being trapped in a mysterious apartment/crumby set with a talking Raven. After the success of Basic Instinct, it was released in Germany under the title ‘Final Instinct’, as if in some desperate attempt to suggest a sort of connection. Where Basic Instinct relished in over-the-top, pulpy, but trashy sex appeal, Scissors endeavours to be as boring and uneventful as possible. 1/5


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