Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Directed by Doug Liman. With Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson.


Someone asked me how I’d describe Edge of Tomorrow, earlier today. The first thing that popped into my head was to say “It’s like a cross between Groundhog Day and Saving Private Ryan”, to which the person replied, “Oh”. I’m not sure they’ll be putting that quote on the poster any time soon, but in fairness, it goes a long way to summing up exactly what the film is.

Directed by Doug ‘The Bourne Identity’ Liman, and starring Tom Cruise, the film is a science fiction time-looper, set on the eve of a D-day type battle against an invading alien force. Now, it’d be stretch to exclaim there’s anything ground-breakingly fresh going on here, but the writing team have done a fine job of infusing a great streak of humour right through the middle of the piece, which, coupled with explosive action and impressive visuals, make for a nigh on perfect Friday night popcorn muncher.

In the lead role, Cruise’s character is indistinguishable from many of his other heroic portrayals, but there’s something eminently watchable about him in this type of fare, and as always, his energy and commitment shine through. Cruise is supported well, by a talented cast, featuring a fun performance from Bill Paxton, looking and sounding for all the world like Private Hudson’s Dad.

The final sequence could have been better lit, and ultimately, the emotional response isn’t as notable as it was in say, Source Code, but nevertheless, Edge of Tomorrow is a highly accomplished ride, baring enough wit, invention and tendency towards the spectacular to make it well worthy of your time. 4/5


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1 Response to Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

  1. Cotton's Reviews says:

    I would also kind of describe Edge of Tomorrow as a like a video game as well. Each time before dying and getting a “game over” you learn more about the enemy and how to beat them so you can progress further than you did the last time. Loved the movie, too. It was the last movie my wife and I went to before they shut down the local drive in theatre.

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