Tin Cup (1996) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Tin Cup (1996) Directed by Ron Shelton. With Kevin Costner, Rene Russo, Cheech Marin, Don Johnson, Rex Linn, Linda Hart and Dennis Burkley.


This second sports-themed collaboration between director, Ron Shelton, and actor, Kevin Costner – the first being Bull Durham – is a sweet natured romantic comedy/drama revolving around the world of golf. Costner stars as Roy McAvoy aka ‘Tin Cup’, a gifted golfer whose laid back approach to life has kept him from realising his full potential. Roy’s stagnant world gets a welcome shake with the introduction of a new student, Molly (Rene Russo).

So far, so seen-it-all-before, right? Well, there’s a good chance you have, but in its defence, Tin Cup is an entirely unpretentious slice of Hollywood fluff, with some entertaining performances. Costner is good value in his lead role, bringing every ounce of his star quality to the green. This isn’t a film that’ll have you howling with laughter, nor will it over-work your tear ducts – it’s one of those experiences that’ll have you smiling on the inside, thanks to an infectiously sunny outlook, but without too much schmaltz to burden your sick bucket.  There’s also some good scenes between Costner and his loyal caddy, Cheech Marin, who contributes to the fun.

Ron Shelton clearly loves his sport, and this is yet another very good effort. It’s aims to make you feel good, and to that end, it must be applauded. With some delightful chemistry between a likeable cast, and an old-fashioned sensibility, you have to work hard to take against Tin Cup. Birdie. 3.5/5


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