Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas (2001) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas (2001) Directed by Richard Gabai. With Susan Featherly.


When a film isn’t even afforded the basic courtesy of an IMDb profile picture, you probably know your’e watching something absolutely no-one cares about. Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas, aka Virtual Voyeur, qualifies as such.

The plot, if that’s what we’re calling it, centres on a company called Virtucon, which specialises in providing sexy virtual reality experiences. Apart from terrible acting and a torturous soundtrack, director Richard Gabai, gives the impression he shot the film while on holiday in Las Vegas, as it regularly features camera inserts of blackjack tables, slot machines and seemingly every flashing bulb on the Las Vegas strip. Twice.

Gabai’s real aim here though, outside of any plot pretensions, is to show tits. Lots of tits. This is perhaps the lowest form of film-making. It doesn’t even have the courage to be the thing it so desperately wants to be. Its brand of soft-core porn is about as stock and unexciting as it gets. Clocking in at just 69 minutes, Virtual Girl 2: Virtual Vegas is every bit as shit as it sounds. And then a bit more. 1/5


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