Red Eye (2005) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Red Eye (2005) Directed by Wes Craven. With Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy and Brian Cox.


After a few ‘Scream’s’ too many, celebrated horror director Wes Craven returns to comparatively good form with a straightforward, but enjoyable chiller in Red Eye, the tale of a young woman’s turbulent late night flight to Miami.

Starring Rachel McAdams, looking perfect throughout, even after being head-butted, the film is refreshingly quick into it’s step and has a nice sense of purpose in its opening minutes. Craven keeps things busy and intriguing by teasing with a few shots to raise our suspicion as to what might be afoot.

Joining the fun, and looking like he’s having plenty of his own is Cillian Murphy. Without wanting to give the game away, the films belongs to his character and your enjoyment of it rests squarely on your engagement with his performance.

There’s nothing to threaten ‘Elm Street’ as stand-out Craven work here, but it’s an assured slice of popcorn fun with a sensible run time and some good moments of tension. The latter stages might bow to Hollywood convention a little too readily, but what precedes it is enough to warrant the making the trip. 3/5

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