Ted (2012) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Ted (2012) Directed by Seth McFarlane. With Mark Whalberg, Mila Kunis, Sam J Jones, Giovanni Ribisi, Patrick Warburton, Matt Walsh and Jessica Barth.

Fans of Family Guy, Seth McFarlanes adult cartoon family TV series, are in for something of a treat with Ted, a bitingly funny, modern day fairytale for grown ups, that centres on John Bennett, (Wahlberg) and his lifelong friendship with his magically brought to life teddy-bear.

Much of the signature humour from Family Guy is on show in Ted as it sails agreeably through a medley of retro pop culture references as obscure as 1980’s Flash Gordon to Teddy Ruxpin. CGI can get a bad rap , but it seems as more time passes, the more film-makers are starting to turn the tide by having the technology work for the film as opposed to the opposite way round. Here, the CGI enhances and truly brings ‘Ted’ to life. After no time, we accept the relationship between John and Ted as being an everyday couple of old buddies, which is in no small part is testament to the skill of the animators.

If Ted has any weakness, then it probably lays in the central love-triangle between, John Bennett, his girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) and Ted, which does scrape along at times. What’s clear though, is that these aspects of the story are merely dressing for the funny stuff that emerges through having a pot smoking, womanising, foul mouthed teddy-bear in your film. And funny stuff it most definitely is.

So, all things considered, Ted is two thumbs up. A huge box office smash, this very much signals Seth McFarlane’s arrival and acceptance on the big stage.  4/5


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