Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) Film Review by Gareth Rhodes

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) Directed By Jay Roach. With Mike Myers, Beyonce Knowles and Seth Green.

This third instalment in the Austin Powers series is yet another lively and colourful trip around the madcap imagination of  creator, Mike Myers. Although many have brought Myers to task for repeating gags from the previous films, there exists enough new material and characters to keep the good-ship Powers sailing happily through its 94-minute runtime.

As was the case in the previous Powers films, it is the eccentric Dr Evil who generates the bulk of the laughs – and he’s joined this time, by the title character Goldmember, a  ‘freaky-deaky‘ Dutch roller-skate enthusiast with a penchant for eating his own peeling skin. Also joining the fun is pop sensation Beyonce Knowles as Foxxy Cleopatra,  Austin’s obligatory female companion. Knowles is pure girl power and has good presence and energy in a role that mainly limits her to reacting to gags.

The film starts with its usual burst of energy, but what makes this introduction stand out is a series of inspired cameos by a selection of  Hollywood A-listers. But the icing on the cake in terms of casting has to be the inclusion of Michael Caine as Austin’s estranged father, Nigel Powers. Not since Sean Connery showing up as Indiana Jones‘ dad has an actor felt quite so right for a part. Caine clearly relishes the opportunity to have fun and it really shows.

So, and with credit due, Myers and his team have done the impossible and created yet another funny addition to their hit series. Sure, there’s repeat gags, but when this much fun is being had, it’s better to just get swept along. Groovy baby. 3.5/5


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